Players Synopsis

I’m excited to share with all of you the synopsis for my upcoming novel, Players! If you’re intrigued, please Like or comment on this post!

When Gretel mistakenly crashes into her one-night-stand while sheepishly trying to escape out his front door, she is surprised to find that they are both equally committed to non-commitment – he was trying to run out on her, too. In a moment of brilliance, she offers a mischievous proposition: Why don’t they team up as Pennsylvania’s most successful wingman duo?

The scheming soon begins. But their perfectly-constructed manipulation of the Game of Love starts to fall apart at the seams when a friend and professor of psychology offers them five-hundred dollars each to participate in a very suspect experiment to test her theory of the workings of personality type. As emotional walls fall and these two “players” begin to face the demons of their past, the big question quickly becomes: Who is manipulating who?


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