I Lose

No matter what I do

I lose

No matter what I say

I’m screwed


It’s a loss to defend

It’s a mess to upend

When they are determined

To force you to bend


No matter how I try

I fail

No matter if I’m right

They bail


On the outside I seem

Like I’m walking the beam

On the inside I’m falling

But too scared to scream


No matter if I win

I fall

Even if I succeed

It’s small


You force me to shrink

To question, to blink

But you’ll see how you’re fucked

When I’m pushed to the brink


No matter if you tower

I stay

If you try to intimidate

I play


I’ll lift up my chin

Toughen my skin

And leave you begging

For in silence, I win

3 thoughts on “I Lose

    • Well writing is my outlet for difficult emotions. It helps me process and experience them fully so I can move on. So “be positive” falls a little flat for me – non-positive emotions exist and need to be acknowledged and lived so we can learn and grow. That’s my perspective, anyways.

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