“Little” Brother

My little brother turns 30 today. My LITTLE BROTHER. The little guy who used to make jokes all the time and my sisters and I would dress up like a girl and make him do plays and musicals with us in our kitchen (those productions were legit). If he’s 30, that makes me…well, anyways that’s not important. This is about “little” Glenjy – who ceased to be “littler”when I hit teenagehood…

This guy

And this one

Who let me drag him around too fast on the sled

And let me convince him to dress up like this with me

And allowed us to pretend we were all cooler than him even though…yeah, we weren’t. We only had height on our side. 

But not for long…here he is now with his awesome girlfriend (to-be sister-in-law? Let’s hope so!), taller than all of us at a healthy 6’3. My dad only has him by an inch. “Little” brother? Sigh. 

By the way, look how adorable I used to be. I mean, that’s Gerber shit there. Too bad my parents were too busy trying to feed us to kick off my modeling career. 

But back to it: happy birthday to my baby brother. Maybe someday I’ll figure it how to match his level of awesomeness. Until then, I’ll just keep trying to convince him to let me dress him up like a girl again – come on, it’s for old time’s sake! (Pictures withheld to protect the innocent).


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