Split in Two

There are two parts of me

equally split

equally powerful

equally opposite.

They fight and argue

and set fires to my blood.

They hate and they judge

Drag my soul through the mud.


They are selfish, they have needs

both have altruism and greed.

But more than anything

they both wish to be freed.

To have full access, control

Over my wavering soul

To slice me in two

And become the one true.


One half is alone

And happily so

Wandering the earth

Reaching high and low.

The other only wants

What a heart most needs

To be loved on all fronts

To be held while I plead.


Neither shall win.

Neither can lose.

One cannot live

If the other doesn’t too.

They both will be gone

If one shall die

And I cannot live

Between two fuzzy lines.

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