Passionately Unhinged

Do you know how much I love you in my dreams? Forget reality. Reality was never made for us anyways. We were created to soar through worlds together, to discover the smallest unexplored crevices of the earth, to find magic beyond reason. where I search your mind and tease you with mine, and we become each other’s greatest mystery, clamoring for meaning on the backdrop of an earth, a people, a social framework that we’ll never understand.

There’s nowhere we can’t hide from the monotony, no lifestyle we won’t swallow whole, no deadly risk we will forsake. The oceans are not deep enough, the heavens are not glorified enough, the rock cliffs are not foreboding enough to destroy the sordid wanderings of these broken brains.

Perfect we exist in this midguided bubble, carrying us from one intense moment ot eh next, seconds becoming gallons and days morphing into centimeters.

One step closer. To that single thing we’ve always sought, the thing that was lost but somehow remains sewn into our very bones but always just a hair out of reach. Pleasure and cutting love always peeking back at us from around the next corner, the chase the most satisfying and tormenting journey of all.

Do you see what I’m saying? Are you the one who will light that fire, who wishes to see me explode, who will stand by and cheer as the time bomb ticks? Will you hold me until everything I fought for implodes and I become salient dust sliding between your fingers down to the splintered wood upon which the rest of the world walks?

Or will you stop me? And instead, I slip through the jagged cracks of your apprehensions?

Ride with me. Eject into miles of nothingness until we find something to grab. And if nothing arrives to meet us, we’ll simply hold each other. Imprints in our skin, wrinkles in our clothes, sweat on our brow, at last welcoming our lot.

The lot of the passionately unhinged.


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