Adventures in the Jane Brain (2)

Had such a nice time on vacation this weekend (once the kids stopped whining and complaining). So much that the whole drive back I kept thinking about how relaxed I was, how awesome it was to have no demands on my time, no deadlines, no people harping on me for one thing or another (I thought the exact same thing on the drive back from Calgary earlier this year. Sigh). Just traveling from place to place like a nomad, stopping when we needed, talking and thinking about whatever. My mind went to so many awesome places. 

I want to be like that forever. Like one of those hippies traveling across the world in a tiny van, stopping long enough in each town to do enough work to get them to the next destination and then off they go again. 

Could be a reality for us someday after the kids are out of the house. 

But instead, I’ve decided I’m going to be a semi truck driver. Yep. Dirty jeans, plaid shirts, and lots of cussin’. I’ll throw a dictophone in my truck so I can write stories and poetry while I’m the road and even compose some music. I’d be gone two weeks every month so I’d always think my kids are awesome! And on my my two weeks off I can do whatever the hell I want. Write some more (since I won’t be in front of a computer all day), play guitar, work out, play with the kids, whatever. 

Maybe I’ll even put a video camera in the truck. I could share all my mind-blowing insights (like this one, for example), take videos of the cool places I see (like College Station, TX), and talk about nothing. Then turn it into a vlog called “The Truck Driving Poet.” 

Wouldn’t that be cool? It is in my brain. This brain that is really loving that laid-back feeling of being on the road. 

Option 2: buy my husband a motorcycle and leather jacket and go hook up with a bike gang. 

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