Ruling Felix: Chapter 11

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Mason’s exhausting brand of sexual deviance had me too tired to move from the bed. I woke up the next morning, tangled up in the silk sheets, his arms wrapped tightly around me, and the annoying bleep of my phone alarm assaulting my senses.

A wave of anxiety washed over me as I realized how much work I had to do that day – not only were there the usual challenges with our recent failed product, but we had a criminal to catch. It was relieving to know Mason wasn’t likely to be on the list of suspects, but that blew the whole investigation wide open; it could be anyone. Part of me feared it was an inside job, while another part of me feared it wasn’t; and that catching the culprit would end up being a very public affair.

Mason was reluctant to let me go as I pulled myself from the bed. For a guy who appeared to have had no previous romantic courtships of any length, he was sure affectionate.

I left the room and wandered to his bedroom where I showered, putting the same clothes from the day before on. Part of me wished I’d given Mason a little more warning regarding my visit so he could have selected a new outfit for me like last time.

I grinned to myself: how silly. Like a scene from Cinderella. I could take care of myself – I always had an extra suit at the office just in case I slept over with one of my escorts. The trick would be getting to my office with Zoe noticing I hadn’t changed clothes…

I grabbed myself a simple slice of toast from the kitchen, which his maid was kind enough to butter for me. She had coffee ready in a to go cup as well – I was sure to give her a warm smile for her hospitality.

By the time I was ready to go, Mason had emerged from the bedroom, looking rugged and sexy in nothing but his sweatpants and a five o’clock shadow. I found myself wishing I didn’t have to rush out so quickly.

I smiled at him as I headed for the door, but he grabbed my hand before I could open it. “Where do you think you’re going so fast?”

“Unlike some unemployed men I know, I have a business to run.”

His face fell. “Touche.”

“Sorry; I keep forgetting that’s a sore point.”

He wrapped his arms around me, our faces nose-to-nose, and walked me backwards, out the door, and to the entrance of the elevator. His eyes never left mine, not even when he reached out hit the elevator button. “When are you coming back?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. My schedule is going to be insane this week trying to catch this hacker.”

He sighed, his eyes blackening. “I don’t like that there’s someone fucking with you like this. I want you to tell me when you find out who it is.”

My forehead creased. “Mason, I’m fine. I can handle it. I’ve got a top-notch security team – they’ll have the threat handled by the end of the week, trust me.”

He sighed and buried his face in my neck. Tingles spread across my body as his breath tickled my skin. “I have to go, Mason.”

He brushed my ears with his lips. “I don’t want you to forget about last night. I want you to come back.”

The sudden softness in his voice made my groin burn. “I’ll be back, I promise.”

He pulled away. “Yes. You will.”

He pulled me to him, brushing my lips lightly with his at first, then slowly increasing the entanglement of our mouths, keeping his touch soft, but needy. He teased my mouth as if asking me to let him in. I tried to resist; I tried to remember the urgency of my work, but just as I was about to remind him, he pulled away ever so slightly, causing me to chase him with desire. My lips reached for his against my will and he pulled me tighter against him. A groan escaped his throat – it was my undoing. I opened my mouth to him, begging him to enter and he took full advantage, exploring me wide and deep. He pulled back again, threatening to remove his passion and accentuating the ache – I plummeted into his mouth with even more fervor. One hand held me tight on my lower back while the other traveled up to my neck, then my chin, stroking my cheek and wandering into my hair. Our tongues played a silent symphony and it felt as if nothing mattered in that moment except our kiss.

His fingers lilted down my front, tickling my breast with a momentary tease and rested at my hip. The kiss softened yet again, and he pulled away. He chest was heaving erratically and I could see the depth of his desire as he gazed at me drunkenly. “I thought you had somewhere to be,” he breathed.

I tried to pull my head from its dreamy state. “I don’t remember where.”

“I know where I want to be.” He brushed my forehead with his lips. “Here.” He trailed down to my ear, nibbling softly. “Here.” His kisses made a seductive path down my neck to my shoulder. “Here.” He lightly pushed aside the edge of my jacket, pulling my shirt with it and kissed my shoulder, his tongue taking a taste before he spoke again. “And here.”

I ran my hands up his arms, across his chest and up to his neck where I pulled his face back towards mine. We teased each other with our mouths for a moment, each moving in as if to drink heartily from each other yet again, but then hesitating. The elevator door opened and I lightly bit his chin. “I really do have to go.”

His eyes drilled into mine, as if willing me to remember this moment – I knew I wouldn’t forgot. Not for a very, very long time. His kiss was almost more seductive than our amazing love-making the night before. As I ripped myself from his grasp and stepped into the cold, unforgiving elevator, my body was already begging for me to guarantee the next opportunity for such passion.

I glanced at Mason as the doors closed. His hair was a tangled mess from my groping fingers, his eyes locked on mine in a heady stupor, and his bulge was clear and present for me to admire. I blew him a kiss, but he didn’t move. His eyes haunted me all the way down to my car, and during the entire drive to the office. When I pulled in and my imagination was still crawling over every detail of that amazing kiss, I wondered how I was going to concentrate throughout the rest of the day. None of my escorts had left me this helpless. It was disconcerting, but oh so delicious.

As I entered my building and began the ascent up to our floor, reality began to creep back in. I was relieved to find Zoe nowhere to be seen when I entered our office. I bolted for my office door and shut it behind me, wondering where on earth I should get started for the day.

The decision was quickly made for me as a loud knock came at the door.

“What?” I yelled.

“Let me in, Clay. I want to know exactly what he did to you. You’re telling me everything, and I hear anything I don’t like, you’re going to get one hell of a shit-fest from me.”

I rolled my eyes, opened the door, and allowed Zoe’s fuming personage to enter my sanctuary.

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