I’m Over Christmas

I’m over Christmas

I’m over the lights

Over the presents

The eyes big and bright


I’m over the wrapping

That hides what is real

I’m over the smiles

That are made to conceal


I’m tired of plastic

Of boxes and bags

Of all of the rich

Forgetting the rags


I’m over the pictures

The family cards

Of platitudes that ignore

The way things really are


I’m tired of pretending

We all aren’t in a pinch

Wearing the face of an elf

‘Neath the skin of a grinch


When I had Christmas cheer

The future was strong

But now I see the truth

The Who’s had it wrong


It may not just be presents

The season is about

Or getting more stuff

To brag and to tout


But it’s not about kindness

Or serving with heart

More anything it’s just

About playing the part


So next year, no Christmas

No holiday dramas

If you need me just call

I’ll be in the Bahamas

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