Ruling Felix: Chapter 10

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I clasped my face with my hands. “Mason, what is this place? Are you some kind of freak? What kind of fucked up shit do you do in here?”

I played it up so well that he was in front of me in a flash, his eyes pleading. “Clay, just keep an open mind, okay? It’s not as bad as you think, it’s just – ” He stopped short as he realized I was grinning. “Wait, what’s going on? Why are you smiling?”

“Oh for God’s sake, Mason, do you think I’ve never seen a sex room before?” I smacked him lightheartedly on the shoulder and giggled over his shocked expression. “I’m just yanking your chain. Come on, this isn’t that bad. Do girls really freak out like that when you bring them in here?”

He shook his head, bewildered. “I’ve never brought anyone in here who didn’t already have some involvement in this at some level or another.”

I wandered through the dimly-lit, but very open and inviting room. “I don’t know what kind of girl you take me for, but I’ve seen much worse than this. Hell, I dated a guy once who had a nursery.”

Mason raised an eyebrow as I turned back to him. “A nursery?”

I nodded. “A nursery. An adult nursery, to be specific. Complete with a crib, adult-sized diapers, pacifiers, and a rocking chair for me to hold him in.”

His eyes widened and a smile played on his lips. “You’re kidding me…”

“No. Not in the least. I wish I were.”

“Wait, I thought you said you didn’t date.”

“He’s one of the reasons I don’t date anymore.”

He nodded, amused. “So you’re really okay with this?”

I shrugged and glanced around the room. Aside from the horsewhips, there was a shelf of floggers, a small dresser with unknown contents – probably lingerie and blindfolds or something – and a rather large bed with silky red sheets in the middle of the room. The room as a whole was actually rather empty. The size of the bed was really the only thing that threw me off. “What’s with the humongous bed?”

Mason’s face became serious again. “Look…while I enjoy some light caning and flogging, there’s a little more to it for me. Though I’m relieved to find you aren’t too concerned with the BDSM, it’s really only a small part of what this room is for.”

He walked up to me and I became starkly aware that the lights were unusually low and we were very much alone. I found it difficult to ignore his sexy swagger in such a seductive environment. “Oh?” I tried to hide the nervousness in my voice. “Well, you know I’m no innocent girl. What’s the rest of the story?”

“There are a variety of things I enjoy,” he began, “and BDSM has been one of them. But lately I’ve become particularly attached to a new practice.”

He reached up to touch my cheek and I found myself strangely responsive. I could feel the tension building quickly and I incoherently dropped my purse. I stepped back and tried some humor to dispel the unexpected attraction pulling me in. “It doesn’t involve pacifiers and rattles, does it?”

He laughed. “No, definitely not. But perhaps you noticed…” he paused. “Does the room seem unusually empty to you?”

I managed to nod despite the fact that all my energy was concentrated on shooing away my libido.

“There’s a reason for that.”

He walked away and my body relaxed for the first time in several minutes. I watched him obsessively against my own will, eyeing the subtle movements of his muscular body as he walked over to the dresser, picked up a remote control and flicked a button. The room filled with a slightly eerie high-pitched noise which faded quickly and was then replaced with the thump of a deep but quiet drum, repeating every few seconds. The sound reverberated within me to the core, filling me with calm and excitement all at the same time. Mason came back towards me and the tension built up yet again, one step at a time.

“Do you know this song?” he asked, stopping a few feet away. I shook my head. “It’s called ‘Secret’.” It didn’t ring a bell. “Maroon 5 – not a very well-known song of theirs.”

I shut my eyes to let the sound of the drum ignite my nerves. It was so hypnotic. It felt as if it were playing directly on my heart – so soft yet so deep. A few notes from a quiet guitar began to play and I realized Mason had moved closer so he was just inches from me. I could hear nothing but the soothing music and the sound of our breathing.

“Do you feel that?” he asked.

“I think so,” I whispered without thinking.

“The energy between you and me – the tension.” His voice became low and soft. “It’s still fairly subtle, but it’s building. This song is particularly good at bringing the base of this to the forefront.”

“Bringing the base of what to the forefront?” The fragility of my voice took me by surprise.

He leaned in subtly. “My intense physical attraction to you and yours to me.”

Warning signals shot through my body but they felt like the searing pangs of excitement and anticipation rather than concern.

A voice began to sing a slow and hypnotic melody, building the song to a slightly higher level of intensity. Mason moved around behind me. “You don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to; the door is unlocked. But if you’re feeling what I’m feeling, then stay put and keep your eyes closed.”

I cursed myself for obeying but I knew nothing could rip my feet from that spot. I was unwilling to let anything ruin the orchestra of sensations I felt with him so near.

“You may have noticed that the more you hear my voice…” he stepped in closer behind me so I could feel the warmth radiating from his body. “…and the more you sense my presence…” He poised his lips just beside my ear so I could feel his increasingly erratic breath, “…and the more you allow your imagination to run wild with ideas of what I might do to you…” His face lowered and he moved my hair to my right shoulder, exposing my neck. His breath graced my aching skin with a teasing tickle. “…that the more desperately our bodies reach for each other across this tiny but frustrating chasm that extends between us.”

I could feel him raise his hands as if to touch me and I awaited them with gross anticipation. But his touch did not come. Instead, they dropped back to his side and his face hovered over my ear again, his nose moving in and around my hair, and his lips exploring the space just outside the reach of my skin. He then moved to the other side of me, repeating the same enticing act, but this time inhaling deeply as his face came in contact with my hair.

The more his body lingered so close mine in the waft of the intense and beautiful music, the more I lost any interest in wondering why I was suddenly so fiercely taken by this man I had considered a potential liability just moments before. My entire body clenched deliciously and I fought the temptation to turn around and dig my tongue deep into his mouth.

His hands rose again and hovered just off the surface of my shoulders, following a path of physical denial down the curves of my arms. Every hair from my neck to my fingers stood on end as if fighting desperately to connect with him. It felt as if my body was being forbidden it’s every desire. As the song hit its crescendo into the chorus, Mason stepped around to face me. Not an inch of our skin met, but his lips moved in and hovered torturously over mine, our faces searching the air between us as if seeking the most perfect moment to explore what we both so desperately desired.

I know I don’t know you

But I want you so bad

Everyone has a secret

Oh, can they keep it

Oh no, they can’t

The song elevated me in its truth; no matter how hard I had fought it since the day we met, I wanted this man badly. I wanted to feel every inch of him, explore him, experience the ecstasy of having him inside me. My breath hitched and I knew I wouldn’t stand for him to tease me for much longer. I opened my eyes to meet his and his breath suddenly became even more erratic. His entire body tensed, his shoulders shifting as he stepped in as close as possible without touching me.

“Clay,” he whispered. I didn’t answer, but bit my lip to keep myself under control. His eyes widened with hunger. “Clay, since this song began, have I touched you?”

“No.” My voice was barely audible. His pelvis bumped against me momentarily and the feel of his bulge sent me to new heights.

He shut his eyes and swallowed as if struggling with his own sense of self-control. “Then tell me…” He paused to take another deep breath and his tone became low and commanding. “…how satisfactory would it feel to fuck me right now?”

I stopped breathing. And then I moaned – I couldn’t do anything else. My hormones were exploding with need and I was barely holding on to my last shred of stubbornness against his evil teasing.

I closed my eyes again to pull myself together but when I opened them he was gone. I glanced around in a state of hysterical confusion, my feet still cemented to the floor from my anticipation of what I’d hoped would be a steamy and erotic encounter.

Just as panic began to set in from my blood vessels screaming for closure, Mason reappeared at the door, this time wearing no shirt and a pair of jeans so explicitly sexy I thought I might implode. I waited anxiously, fearing he might continue to torment me until I was forced to come of my own volition.

He strode briskly toward me, his eyes brimming with desire and determination – but this time he didn’t stop.

I’m driving fast now

Don’t think I know how to go slow

Oh, where you at now?

I feel around

There you are

When he reached me, the power in his step pushed me backward a few paces as his hands gripped the sides of my face and his lips passionately met mine. I responded ferociously, biting and licking his lips as my hands dived into his hair. My response was so forceful that he pulled back momentarily. “Slow down, Clay,” he soothed as his fingers stroked my cheeks, “Savor every moment,” he lightly kissed my cheek, “every touch,” he grazed my chin with his lips, “every sensation…”

He slowly pulled my mouth to his again, but this time the kiss was more tender, his lips twisting and turning slowly between mine and his tongue gently seeking out the unknown. I mirrored his approach and mustered up the self-control to allow the sexual tension to express itself intensely but methodically; building as the sensuality of our bodies ebbed and flowed.

My fingers slowly made their way down from his hair to his neck, then to his chest which I explored with reckless abandon. My fingers seemed to burn as I ran my hands over his taut skin, down his sides to the edges of his hot-and-heavy jeans, then back up over his abs and pecks where they chose to linger. The heat from his kisses extended across my cheek, dropping down my neck to my shoulder as he rhythmically released the buttons of my shirt. He ran his fingers all the way down my arms while he pushed it off, nipping at my neck and linking his fingers in mine until my shirt dropped lightly to the floor. He wrapped my arms around his neck tightly and began walking me backwards as my teeth busied themselves nibbling at his ear.

The deep and seductive tune he’d chosen for us was over, but another song with greater intensity began to climax over the surround sound. He sat me down softly on the bed and stepped back. I watched as he pulled his jeans off, staring me down with a dark look that revealed the depth of his appetite. His stark naked body had me transfixed and I imagined the delight of wrapping my lips around his stately cock and sucking hard.

My machinations were cut short when he pushed me backward on the bed so he was kneeling on his heels in front of me. With a swift movement, he had me straddling his lap. I moaned at the feel of him grazing the insides of my thighs a felt immediately regretful that I still had my pants on. He let his lips hover centimeters from mine again and whispered, “I want you to take your bra off. Slowly. Carefully. I won’t allow you to be any further from me than you are right now.”

Even further lost in his spell, I lazily reached behind my back to unsnap my bra. He continued to hover at the edges of my face, neck, and chin, occasionally brushing my skin with his so I could feel his stubble tickling my cheek. As I gradually pulled off my bra, he pulled me in closer, lowering his head to my breasts where he continued his evil game, granting nothing more than a lick here and a kiss there, though he was in a position to do so much more.

“Please, just suck them,” I groaned as his chin grazed my burning nipples yet again.

He returned his lips to his favorite spot by my ear. “I’ve got everything under control, baby. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

He flipped me back on the bed and pulled my pants and underwear off. He leaned over me momentarily, eyeing my body from head to toe before tickling the skin at my ankle and moving deliberately up every inch of the inside of my leg until I wanted to scream. At last he reached the apex of my thighs. He adjusted himself so he was lying beside me and, in one wonderful movement, his lips tore at my breasts and his fingers dove inside me.

I shoved my hips in the air and gripped tightly the muscles of his arms.

“You make me so crazy,” he mumbled. I glanced over to find him watching me with eyes wide in wonder. I realized he had swollen to a deep red so I pulled him over me.

“Fuck me. Now.” I commanded.

He placed his legs between mine, parting my thighs carefully, and pulled on a condom. With one hand in my hair, he trailed kisses down my face and neck, belaboring the anticipation.

“Tell me you want me,” he ordered, quietly.

“What?” I asked in surprise.

“Tell me you want me. I have to hear it.”

I didn’t want to say it. Some part of my brain still wanted to hold out on admitting how badly he had me whipped. But my body wouldn’t wait another moment.

“Clay,” he said, more forcefully, “Say it.”

I grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. “I want you inside me, Mason.”

He heaved into me, filling me roughly and deliciously. His lips held tightly to mine as a small drop of sweat hopped off his nose and landed lightly on my cheek. My muscles tensed and gripped him as I clenched my knees around him, each thrust pushing me further and further upwards. When my body could hold off no more, I soared into a long-anticipated orgasm. He came quickly after, the veins in his arms and throat popping out and sending me further into ecstasy.

Time seemed to stop; nothing seemed to matter for those few moments. It was just me and this strange man travelling to unimaginable heights together. I couldn’t imagine ever wanting him to be any further from me than he was in that moment. The depth of my lust was beyond my comprehension.

At last, he collapsed at my side, his body heaving and glistening with sweat. I didn’t like him being so far away so I found the strength to wrap myself around him, unwilling to let any space come between us, even for a moment.

“My God, that was…” I mumbled as I kissed his chest. I couldn’t finish it. Words couldn’t describe it.

“It’s called No Touch Sex,” he explained, panting. “It’s a deprivation technique for increasing the intensity of orgasm.”

I released a breathy giggle. “Sounds about right.”

He looked over at me, pulling me close. “They also call it ‘Instant Love’. It stockpiles endorphins so your dopamine is released all at once. It’s supposed to make you feel like you’re so happy, you can’t live without the other person.”

He looked at me expectantly. Was that his goal? To make me fall in love with him? I wasn’t sure, and the prospect was beyond mind-boggling. I decided to dismiss the idea and, instead, smiled and stroked his cheek. “You got me to admit I wanted to fuck you. That’s all you’re getting today.”

He chuckled and kissed my hair. “That’s okay; I’ve got everything I could ever want right now.”

Chapter 11

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