Live Reading

Since I know you’ve all been DYING to get a glimpse into Stripped, here’s a short video of an excerpt I read from the book signing at Bookbar in Denver last night. Scroll down for pictures from the event too!

Bookbar, btw, is friggin AWESOME. Desks are made out of books, they have books by indie authors everywhere, and they serve amazing wine to sip while you read. I mean seriously, wine and books – why is this the only place doing this?? 

Anyways, here’s me and my fellow Wooden Stake Press authors feeling very proud of ourselves:

Here’s counter made of books:

WUT?? This is an ACTUAL card catalogue!! Remember those!! (I don’t, of course, I’m way too young…)

This is my son who was feeling a little under the weather and slept through most of the event:

Some other picture of Bookbar:


And finally, me, my daughter, and my best friend who actually sat through the whole thing!


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