Venom: Chapter 6

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Beth fucked it all up. 

 She ruined it when she grabbed my arm to pull me away. She killed my libido when she shoved me to the side of the crowd, up against a tree, and stuck her finger in my face. She killed all the fun with her low but unmistakably furious words of warning. 

“I was not fucking around, Ches,” she seethed. “I know it sounds like magical bullshit, but this guy is bad news. I swear to God, if you let him kiss you, I will not be there to mop up that mess. It goes the same way every time. This is not some silly vampire horror story; this shits real. And I’m not gonna sit here and watch you get sucked into that guy’s web. I don’t know what it is about him, but I’ve seen it too many times. Back off. Right the fuck now.”

The lights of the party danced in my vision behind her, but even my drunken stupor couldn’t ignore her. Still, I rolled my eyes. “Do you realize how stupid that sounds, Beth? I’m a big girl. In fact, I put on my big girl pants before I came to this party today.”

She turned and pointed starkly at the other girls watching us from afar. “Those other girls are big girls too. Holly was the toughest fucking girl I knew before this happened. She dumped every guy she ever dated. I don’t know what it is with this guy; maybe he has cake flavored pheromones or something, I don’t know.” She grabbed my face and forced my eyes to meet hers. “Stop. It. You’re done with him now.”

I threw my arms in the air. “Fine. I will stay away from vampire magical kiss boy.” My eyes wandered back to the party where I found him standing on the edge of the crowd again, hands shoved in his pocket, his massage brooding. Kirk was standing not far away – yep, Kirk was definitely hotter. But there was something about that lean, lanky figure and those deep probing eyes…

Beth took my hand. “Now come hang out with us. It’ll help you stay away from him if we keep our eye on you.”

Jesus Christ. They even thought they had to babysit me? 

I reluctantly followed her and did my best to avert my gaze from the edge of the party where The Kiss of Death was now sitting down in a chair with a beer in hand. 

The girls kept me well-entertained. They dragged me to the dance floor, to get more drinks, to gossip in the woods, to meet the cutest guys and flirt with the funniest guys. They treated me real good.

But I still couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help but make a plan. My mind wandered off on its own adventure where I would find an excuse to sneak away to the woods and lure him with me. I’d let him push me up against a tree and those forbidden lips would find mine…

I would find away. Before the night was over, I would run my hands over that five o’clock shadow, I would feel that curly brown hair under my skin, I would taste the Kiss of Death.

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