Ho boy

So I made this potentially regrettable decision a few weeks ago to agree to be featured in a friend’s podcast, Storyhinge. Storyhinge is a podcast that interviews interesting people about the arc of their lives, where they’ve been and where they’re going, and what lessons they’ve learned along the way. It’s based around the idea that even people we don’t understand have interesting and relatable stories. 

Apparently someone thought that description applied to me…

So I said “sure, that sounds like fun!” And then I was mostly a nervous wreck. And I kind of still am a little because it’s tough to put yourself out there. I decided to talk about some fairly personal things that not everyone knows about me and that makes me very uncomfortable. 

But I also know that I would fucking die for the opportunity to learn more about the bloggers I follow, people I feel I have a connection with, and indie writers I’ve come to know over the years. So I’m going to suck it up, fuck it up, and share it. Maybe you’ll relate, maybe you’ll stop following me altogether, who knows, but I’m told that if you don’t like my story than I probably shouldn’t like you anyways. 

I’m told….

So here it is in all its glory!!! Hope you enjoy it and, if nothing else, it’s probably something that will be effective in helping you fall asleep tonight. 

Listen to me here. 

2 thoughts on “Ho boy

  1. I wish I could say “Hey, I know exactly how you feel!” since I am apparently in the same boat, but let’s face it. I’m not trying to get my name out anywhere, and you at least have hopes and dreams for the future! I’m like, “Well, I gotta pop another kid out or go get a real job, so…”

    I wasn’t surprised by anything in your story, and it was great to get some gaps filled in since I have never known you by a pen name and the gaps did bother me because I knew you were more than a sum of your works. I am very grateful that you and I don’t have to justify to each other the different outcomes our anxiety-ridden young adult years and ponderous decisions have brought us to. We’re simply who we are and that is enough.

    I am trying not to be a nervous wreck and hoping I didn’t implicate myself or anyone else in something that will cause grief and pain. Sigh!

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    • I definitely enjoyed your discussion of depression and anxiety. I feel like these topics are getting much better acceptance these days, but there’s still a ways to go. I still point at people and think “I’m sure they don’t deal with insanity in my head” only to find out later that, in fact, they do.

      I think you’ll be fine. 🙂 If this person is a friend, she’ll know this was somewhat out of your control, not how you intended everything to happen, and she will understand. I can definitely relate to the worries, though. Hope everything is going well so far!!


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