Venom: Chapter 4

My instinct was to chuckle but the ice in her eyes reminded me of the look my adoptive mother used to give me when I asked what by real mother was like. I glanced over at Kirk, the blonde God, still hanging out loosely near the Kiss of Death. Meh. He was better looking anyways. “Calm down, Beth. Is the one they call Kirk free for the taking?”
She twisted her lips to the side. “You’ll piss off Maribel, but that ship has sailed for her anyways. And if she isn’t pissed at you, she’ll be pissed at someone else anyways.”

I stretch my neck at the girls, still hovering over Halley and gabbing animatedly. “Just so I know what I’m getting into, which one is Maribel?”

“Long blonde hair, plaid flannel shirt, cowgirl boots. Looks like she just walked out of a fashion-blind version of the Dukes of Hazzard.”

I took a good look – she looked to be maybe a few years younger than me – one of the older of the group of girls – but no one I couldn’t take down if need be.

I nodded triumphantly. “Kirk it is.”

Beth seemed uncharacteristically relieved of my announcement. She turned to the other girls. “Come on, hookers, let’s get some dancing started!”

As they pulled each other to the middle of the crowd, I made my way off to the side to plan my approach. Kirk hadn’t wandered far from the watering hole, which was convenient because I had not yet grabbed myself a beer.

I strode over, wagging my ass in my new Miss Me jeans, and straightened the straps of my purple tank top. I had just had my shoulder length sandy brown hair colored with blonde and red highlights, so I tossed it all over to one side with the flip of my wrist as I approached the beer coolers.

I place my hands on my hips. “OK boys, who can point me to the Blue Moon?”

Three heads turned, but I had conveniently placed myself at the elbow of Kirk, unbeknownst to him.

And he saw me first, but a man I would’ve guessed to be a few years older than me beat him to the punch. “Red cooler, beautiful. Grab one for me to?” He threw me a wink.

“Sure thing.” I grabbed two cold bottles, tucked one under my arm, and tossed him his. I ambled very slowly passed Kirk, then looked up at him through my lashes. “You got a bottle opener?”

He smiled and pulled out his keys. “Ain’t nobody here who doesn’t have a bottle opener whenever you might need one, darlin.”

His redneck drawl took me by surprise but it had a sexy edge to it that made my eyes sparkle. “Well then I guess I’m in the right place.”

Chapter 5

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