My Invisible Friends

I don’t really know you

You don’t really know me

We’re bound by the ties

Of digital matrimony


I read your words

Maybe you read mine

It’s like we know each other

Across country lines


We laugh and we cry

Hold your head in my lap

We agree on most everything

Through the interweb gap


I’ve decided who you are

You have an image of me

Unchanged for as long

As we stay far and free


No one understands me

Like I know you do

No matter my flaws

You’ll always see through


I can write the worst thing

Reveal my greatest sin

“I get it, I’ve been there”

Says your hesitant grin


So here’s to the ones

Who come to my lair

The ones who don’t ditch me

When my darkest side flairs


Those who dig deep

Who don’t judge or pretend

My confidantes, my besties

My invisible friends

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