Venom: Chapter 3

Beth slapped her arms to her side. “Well, I didn’t think I would have to tell Ches about him; he’s not usually here!”

I noticed the brunette had fallen silent and shrunk back from our group. She seemed to lost in thought, almost paralyzed. “I don’t think I can do this,” she murmured.

That caught the attention of the rest of the group and they gathered around her.

“You’ve got this, Halley,” Pat assured. “You’re fine. You were totally fine when you thought he wasn’t here.”

“But he IS here! And I can’t – I just –

The girls’ murmurs faded into the background as they consoled their fallen one. No doubt she has slept with this guy- The Kiss of Death, they called him? – and it hadn’t ended well. I was more than familiar with female addiction to drama but this seemed a little over the top.

My eyes wandered over to the mysterious convict. He was lazing causally, unconcerned with the goings-on around him. Then, Beneath a tuft of boyish brown hair, a pair of deep brown eyes met mine. They narrowed, sending a shiver down my backbone. My eyes flitted to other areas of the party, each time returning to his, and each time finding them still piercing holes in my retina.

I shook him off and pulled Beth aside. “This little drama circle here is super fascinating but I’m gonna go grab a beer and poke around a little bit. I’ll catch up with you later.”

She grabbed my arm before I could turn away. “Just stay away from him, okay?” Her eyes blinked in the direction of the Kiss of Death.

I rolled my eyes. “I get it, he’s Halley’s. I won’t go twisting the knife on her.”

Her eyes were wild as she shook her head. “It’s not that. He’s not hers; he’s nobody’s.”

“Oh yeah? The Kiss of Death? With a name like that, he’s nobody’s?”

She grimaced and her tongue rolled into her cheek. “Just trust me. Keep your distance. You don’t want to fuck around with him.”

Well, I didn’t before…I narrowed my eyes. “Okay, but I expect a thorough explanation of the intricacies of this kiss of death he is known for later.”

Beth’s face hardened. “Fine. I’ll spill if you promise to find someone else to hook up with. I’m not fucking around, Ches, you’re playing with the brand of fire that none of us of have ever seen before with that one.”

Chapter 4

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