Renewable What?

Fuck renewable energy…what about renewable time??

2 thoughts on “Renewable What?

  1. Hahaha!! We make ourselves crazy over all the wrong things. I once had an argument regarding one-stop-shopping megastores with some distant relative who said time was our greatest resource. I countered that health was our greatest resource. If I want to ride my bike (you won’t see this happen) to an artisan bread shop whose products are all locally-sourced and organic, and if I prefer quantity over quality and pay more at the farmers market than at Walmart for my vegetables, I might get to more fully enjoy the time I have because I am healthier. Might. Since we cannot ultimately control every aspect of our health, our time, our environment, I think the best resource we have is our ability to choose. What did I do with it today? How will I use it better tomorrow? How are my choices affecting others? What choices are trapping me? Which ones are setting me free? Which choices increase my choices? What choice will decrease my choices? Renewing our ability to choose makes all the other renewable things worth pursuing.

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    • Hmmm. So what you’re saying is, we don’t need more time, we need more efficiency! Very judicious and honest approach. But since my efficiency is lacking, I’ll request time first and then become efficient when I’m done procrastinating. 😉


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