Horrible Parent

Every once in a while

I’m reminded that

At some point

I’m going to have to

Come to grips

With the fact

That I’m a horrible parent

My kids will be fucked up

They will both need therapy

And they will hate me someday


Because I can’t stop


At parenting

And ruining my children

Yelling when I should be calm

Punishing when I should reward

Doing all that shit

The experts say I shouldn’t


And even when I luck out

And create the perfect picture

Like everyone seems to do

Day in and day out

It won’t last

I’ll fuck it all up again tomorrow

And slide back into this abyss

With no way out


I’ll never get it right

I’ll never be what they need

I’ll never love them the way I should

And they’ll end up exactly like me

Because I didn’t have

The power to change


The cycle

Is a unique brand

Of self-torture

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