Never Enough

I understand something about being a fucked up person who just wants to be loved

I’m not sure there are enough people in the world to love me the way I want it

I seek it out from every crevice

Crave it from every pair of eyes

I’ve done horrible things to gain it

I ache for it to exist in the very air I breathe

I wish it to flow in my blood

To awaken me with electricity

And put me to sleep like a lullaby

It will never be enough

And forever be too much

I collect adoration with the same excitement with which most people collect their paycheck

With angst and sometimes desperation

Once upon a time

I believed I could someday become a god

Perhaps that’s where it all began

Maybe that’s where the disease was contracted

The disease with no cure

The tireless zombie

That can never get enough flesh


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