Worship Me

I give up. It finally hit me today – for so long I have fought this desire to be worshipped and lauded by all who hear my name. And you know what? I’m done fighting it. I have no moral high ground to stand on anymore; why not embrace my inner egomaniac? 

Cuz let’s face it: it’s not going away. Why the hell do you think I write? I mean, I love the creative process like I love to breathe, but at the end of the day, if nobody praises me and loves me for it, it feels completely worthless. My need to create and my need to be loved for it go hand in hand. Hell, I’d take the praise over money any day of the week – clearly, because I’m not making any money now!

So love me, everyone. Cherish me. Call me a Goddess or a siren or whatever’s your cup of tea. I want you to look at me, read me, hear me, and be amazed. I want to shine brighter than the goddamn sun (or Son depending on whatever’s your cup of tea). And I’m tired of hating myself for it. 

Shocking that I was born just two years shy of being a Millenial, eh?

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