Ellie’s Song

My tainted reflection stares impassively

Raw, jagged, unsightly

Like the wounds I will not

Cannot acknowledge

One touch, one caress

To heal all, both inside and out


The fall is easier

When taken alone

I will never again

Fill your broken and empty

Holes with my suffering

These scars were made because of you


My hand reaches my cheek

My soul cries and bows

Giving in, giving up

To a touch I’ll never embrace

To the things I cannot feel

To the face I cannot face


I tried to pretend they weren’t there

That the land they inhabited was still perfect

Soft, flawless


When I was there

The lights on

The music swaying with a moody grin

It was like they disappeared

And I with them

Only the real me left

Only the real me dancing

To a sorrowless tune


Maybe that was my goal

Maybe this was to define me

To prove I was more

To prove I was not, in fact, lost


He held me down outside the high school

Outside the high school

The safe place

The normal place


Don’t move

Don’t even breath

The knife against my neck

Threatened to dig deep


Screams begged for release

Fists wrenched to fight

But there would be no win

There would be no loss


Only terror

I wrote this poem from the perspective of the main character in Stripped, in hopes of digging deeper into the personal trauma and angst she deals with throughout the story. Click here to read the rest of her story.

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