Kindle Scout is a Big Fat Jerk

I’m pouting. Kindle Scout decided not to publish my book. Phooey. So back to the grindstone.

I’ve already been through a host of literary agents and no takers though it’s on to the new frontier again: self-publishing!

And even though I’m being a little bitch about this, the truth is, I’m excited. I’m very excited because I know I got hundreds upon hundreds of votes on Kindle Scout and Amazon is awesome enough that they actually alert every single person from your Kindle Scout campaign the moment you self-publish! You can’t buy that kind of marketing. Well, okay, you can, but it’s expensive.

And several people are even looking forward to it! I had a person email me and beg me to get it published, and many more ask when it’s coming out because they really, really loved the first three chapters. Amazing!

But I’m going to do it right this time. I’m gonna make it a build-up. The plan is to official publish THIS WEEK on Wednesday or Thursday. To get you guys revved up and so excited that you just can’t help but buy copies for you and all you friends, I’m going to post the next 2-3 chapters here on the blog (we got through chapter 17 on the blog – just 3-4 more to go!), one every day until it publishes.

And yes, you’re going to hate me, because there’s only one fucking way to read the ending: BUY THE GODDAMN BOOK.

I do it because I care.

The next chapter of Stripped: Muddy Heels goes up tonight. 🙂

Oh, and if you happen to know Anthony Jeselnik, let him know I expect him to read it too.

UPDATE: Stripped was picked up by a small publisher! YAY!! So now, you can make good on your promise and pick that sucker up right here:


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