I could kill

I could rape

I could scar up my face


I could run

I could scream

I could slash up my dream


I could pound

In the faces

That stop all my paces


Pull out my hair

Hide in new places



Create pain

That’s what I want in my veins




Any that get in my way


Can’t I yell

Can’t I flame

I need someone to blame


An evil

A devil

A love to unravel


It’s madness

It’s fear

It’s the bug in my ear


It’s the loss

It’s the crud

Shit that turns into mud


It’s around me

It’s in me

It lashes it thins me


No path

No direction

Not a hint of perfection


I just want

I just need

I just have to bleed


Until then

Until when

I give up once again


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