I Want to Fuck Anthony Jeselnik

There’s no sugar-coating it, ladies and gents: I want to fuck Anthony Jeselnik. No reason to hide it anymore. Yes, my husband is aware of this – Hell, even my husband likes Anthony so maybe he’d even join in.

Anthony is an easy add to my Celebrity Five (sorry Daniel Craig, you’re a tad too old now) – should me and my hubby ever happen upon him and Eva Green in the same night, you’ll find us stumbling out of different hotel rooms with big smiles on our faces the next morning (because, ya know, of course they would be interested in sleeping with us!). Not walk of shame there!

What’s my point? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t have one. But if you think I need one, maybe you’ve never seen Anthony Jeselnik before. Or maybe never heard his comedy? Because oh. My. God. Here’s a little taste to wet your whistle. He’ll be on your list too, guaranteed.

But don’t get in my way because I saw him first!


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