Too Many to Love

There are too many people to love

I want to find each one

Unearth their secrets

Stroke their skin

Bring them close

Make them part of me


There’s one more person to love

To stretch me one step closer to thin

To investigate dark

And brooding paths

Turn up the mysteries

We seek to hide

Beneath our shame


There isn’t just one person to love

Though I love you more

With each connection I make

Each soul I capture

Each pair of eyes that glints

Each pain I stroke

Each cheek I kiss


If I didn’t have you I’d have none

So keep me close

Wrap your arms

Around my skin the way you do

Each time you set me free

I feel the urge

To fly back home


To be one

To be us

For a night

For always


For there lives no other comfort

No other arms

No other heart

No other body

That stills me this way.


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