Gretel’s 1st Poem: That Death Color

It drips from the bookshelves

It’s splattered across the hallway wall

It gets stuck under my shoes

Under my fingernails

In my teeth


It’s in the bloodshot eyes of his mourning mother

Who deserves to be much sadder than I

It’s the color of the backyard fence

The color of my car

The color of my skin


My beverages all look the same

My nails only tolerate one shade

The grass is no longer green

The flowers all look the same


Everything that grows, that’s new

Is closer to death than birth

The rain on the Windows

The steam in my shower

It paints it all to its eerie tune


It’s not white or black

Or blue or yellow or pink

Or purple or green or brown or lavender or mustard or cream or pine or jade or silver or gold or paisley or plaid or striped.

It’s that death color.

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