Stripped is Ready for Your Vote!

Help me get Stripped (formally known as Muddy Heels) published on Kindle Scout!

stripped w teaser

It’s very easy:

1) Click this Kindle Scout link to my book:

2) Click “Nominate Me”

BAM! That’s it!

If you need some convincing, here’s what other readers are saying about Stripped:

This story is a fun romp through the world of an average girl finding her place of belonging within an average strip club, but with TONS of fun, sexiness, adventure, mystery, lust, love, and plot twists! It is wonderfully written and will keep you turning pages with excitement, then at the end, leave you breathless and ready for the sequel.

Wow! Can I say it again that I love your writing?? Brilliant plot and storyline!!

I’m completely speechless. I just finished reading the last chapter, so I’m caught on. I freaking love, love how well you’ve blended this two characters.

I am on the edge of my seat! I want ‘more’! 🙂 Thank you for writing this intriguing story.

I’ve skipped over this story because I haven’t really found many of the story lines with strippers to be all that intriguing but I finally read it and omg! So good.

Woman, you are a gorgeous, intelligent writer. Your writing is flawless, your story innovative. You rock!

UPDATE: I did not get selected by Kindle Scout. 😦 But I did get picked up by a small publisher! Stripped is now available on Amazon! Pick it up here:



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