Is It Weird? Episode 10

Is it weird that I’m fascinated by sociopaths?

I’m currently reading The 9th Life of Louis Drax (due out in theatres sometime later this year) and, though the writing is excellent and the plot is catching, I’m not sure I would be so interested if the semi-protagonist boy wasn’t clearly suffering from some kind of sociopathic tendency. 

I mean, premise of a boy who comes back to life after being dead for two hours and the uncertainty of the circumstances that led him to fall off a cliff into a river in the first place are pretty fascinating, but I’m not sure they’re all that original. Although to be fair, I didn’t know his character would be sociopathic when I first picked up the book – they don’t allude to it in the trailer, although they do allude to some mysterious things that appear to be some kind of mental hallucination. 

So it’s the sociopath that titilates me. Hopefully it’s not because of some inner yearning to find kindred spirits…

(Although I am a writer…)

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