Is It Weird? Episode 9

Is it weird that when I was a teen and watched Adventures in Babysitting, I thought it was strange how the sitter cleaned the house at the end of the movie. I never cleaned a house when I babysat. Hell, I never cleaned my own house. Why the hell was she being all “I’m a super-star babysitter that does everything perfect and shit.”

I figured it was one of those hoity-toity middle class things. Suits, galas, and babysitters that clean. 

But now whenever one of my babysitters doesn’t clean my whole damn house I want to email her that 2-minute segment of the movie. I didn’t make it all the way to middle class to be fucked over by a lazy teen I’m paying below minimum wage. 


2 thoughts on “Is It Weird? Episode 9

  1. Personally, I would want to send the minutes of the movie where the babysitter is rappelling down the side of the glass building to give her the motivation needed to watch my child. (Oh, your child/children don’t climb out windows and try to commit curiosity-based suicide on a daily basis?) Well, then maybe the rat scene so she doesn’t take off her glasses at inopportune times. Failing that, the blues club always gets me. I find myself humming the parenting blues quite often. It helps to keep the thugs away.

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