Would You Read It? “Love & Data”

Another brilliant plot line came to me this week! As before, ‘like’ this post if you would read the book based off this description. If I get lots of likes I’ll start writing and post it here!

Also, this book follows the theme of the new genre I’m inventing: Female Billionaire Romances. Catchy, eh?

And what title would you give it?? (I’m admittedly terrible with titles). Here goes:

After a series of disappointing relationships and painful break ups, Fortune 100 Company CMO ‘Fox’ Sawyer has had it. She is not falling again, not unless she finds the perfect man. Luckily, one of her fellow female executives has just the medicine: she belongs to a strong, Rich, and powerful underground network of successful women called TOBFO (Tired of Being Fucked Over). Operating from a vast underground lair, they use geo-targeting, sensors, and RFID tags, to track the movements and decisions of every man on the globe – where they go, what they buy, who they date, and what they say about women on social media. Using their own observations and complicated proprietary algorithms, they observe each man of interest closely and choose those they date from only the elite: men who fit their preferences, values, and sexual fantasies. 

The beauty of the matter is that these men have no idea they’re being tracked.

But What happens when ToBFO discovers a man who has managed to stay entirely off the radar? Fox is sent to investigate but quickly finds herself more enraptured by this lone stray cat than by any of the perfect matches found within TOBFO’s BlinData system. Her obsession begins to have more far-reaching effects as he begins to suspect she is more than what she seems. She soon finds herself fighting for her fellow women and her heart against a man who is impossible to track or predict. And he’s getting far closer to her secrets than she is to his. 

10 thoughts on “Would You Read It? “Love & Data”

  1. Although I’ve gone off romances in general, I think turning the tired trope of super rich man is suckered into a relationship with the woman of his reluctant dream on its head has potential. Just be cautious about making the woman sound as much like bitter man haters as sometimes the male protagonists of clichéd romances can sound like misogynists.

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    • Good call. They have to be human, of course, but staying away from cliches is important! I’m planning them out more as cool, calculated, and practical than bitter. Yes, they’ve been burned, but rather than drowning their lives in chocolate ice cream, they’re solving the problem. Perhaps not in the most ethical way, but in a very fun way. 🙂

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      • What do you mean? Do you mean two heroines in one story? I love that idea, I just haven’t been that creative yet. I typically write in first person so the character whose voice I’m using is usually prominent even if there’s a secondary female character. This particular story would feature mostly female characters. I’m not sure how to have two main characters when writing in first person? The love interest almost always becomes the other main character.

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      • No, no, more like a built-in series. You could have three women, sitting around a power table, sipping martinis and discussing their dismal prospects. The first woman is the first story, the gal pals get a run at the next hunk in succession discovered by their wily math algorithms. One of them, of course, would be the mathematician who devises the formula to narrow the suspects. Another might be a private detective the women bring in to suss out the suspects? Perhaps the third is a psychologist who evaluates the potentials for flaws? Perhaps they run a business and then have to use themselves as test subjects for the trial run? Perhaps I need to keep my eye on my own story that I’m not editing and stop playing god in your imaginary kingdom?

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      • Oooooooo I love that idea!!!! I like the idea of the various roles too, I hadn’t thought that through yet. They’ll have to hire some of that out because that would be tough on top of running Fortune 500 companies! It would be awesome to have each book from the perspective of a different woman though. Play God all you want, I love the ideas!

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    • No problem, I’ll take this as a ‘like’! You should be able to scroll down to the bottom of the post to like it, but WordPress can be finicky at times…this one is proving to be a hit! I think it might go down as my next project!


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