When the Worst Happens

I wrote this poem for my friend who lost her little toddler boy a few years ago to cancer. I wanted to send it to her for the anniversary, but I chickened out. I’m afraid it’s too depressing, that it might make things worse. It’s already a hard enough day, seems like too big a risk to chance it.

So I guess now I’m posting it on my public blog? That I know she reads? Because…?? Maybe I hope that she’ll have no choice but to like it once it’s public???

I don’t know. But here it is. From your whimpy friend, Jane:

He left me alone

In this shell of a home

Life too soon ended

Mine too long suspended


One bright ray of sun

But it’s like there were none

I lost you, I lost me

And the feeling of free


But now when I wake

Like an ugly mistake

You’re still in the air

In the smell of my hair


In the taste of my bread

In the soft of my bed

In the sound of my breath

My lost crystal meth


The song of your voice

My one stolen choice

Beating the pane

You speak through the rain


You tell me you loved me

Through the salt of the sea

Through the breeze on the bay

Through the tears shed in May


I tell you I love you

Through each inch that I move

Because when push comes to shove

You’re still in my blood


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