Would You Read It? 

I come up with story ideas all the time that make me go “Ooooooo that would be SO dope!!”. Sometimes I actually start writing them. But I have so many stories in the works right now (right around 6), I don’t really have time to take on a new one.

But it would still be fun to share the idea and see who likes it, right?? And hey, if enough of you give me a gold star, maybe I’ll even write and start posting it to the blog! Eh?

So here’s one I came up with earlier this week. If you like it, just “like” the post and I’ll consider that a vote!

She is a working girl. No, not the kind that hangs out in the red light district and blows strangers. In fact, her work is centered around long-term relationships rather than one-nighters, and has one sole purpose: to teach men who are only able to open up physically how to open up emotionally.

He is a baptist youth minister with a solid, unwavering belief system. He finds her work offensive and publicly rails against it until her business dries up. Though satisfied in his success at derailing what he sees as immoral behavior, his life’s work leads him to believe that she can still be saved.

When he approaches her and asks her to take him on as a client, she knows that, in his eyes, she is the client. Though not anxious to become someone’s religious project, she is hard up for cash and has no business prospects; she has no choice but to take his offer.

Unfortunate events belie him soon after their (strictly non-physical, of course) business relationship begins, and he finds his faith put to the test. As his entire worldview quakes and he begins to emotionally shut down, she must ask herself one question: can she set aside her anger at his judgmental behaviors long enough to fulfill the service she has technically been paid to provide?

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