What Does This Mean?


The enemy of art is the absence of limitations”

– Orson Welles

What do you think this quote means? I find this fascinating because I always work better within constraints whether it’s songwriting, novelist-ing, or creating art. I have a hard time creating something from absolutely nothing. But I think most writers/artists would say that art IS the absence of limitations.

What say you?

2 thoughts on “What Does This Mean?

  1. Absolutely. If art is an expression of the artist’s self, then it follows that it must come from something other than the artist’s medium. By restricting the role of the medium, it forces that artist to reveal more of him/herself.

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    • That is fascinating, I’ve never heard it that way before. What we know is already there – by adding in constraints, we have to dig deeper to find a part of ourselves that maybe we didn’t even know was there.


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