Is It Weird? Episode 7

Is it weird that I often write novel-length emails to friends or colleagues and then completely sabotage every moment I spent on the fuckers by deleting them?

Case in point: this week I’ve been spending hours researching information for a white paper for one of my clients. By this afternoon, I had pulled the primary data together and had a good framework of how it would look, but I couldn’t decide on an approach. So what did I do? I wrote this incredibly lengthy email to the boss detailing my challenge and including the arguments for and against each approach.

By the time I was done, I was like “Well I’m an idiot, the answer is obvious. Why am I bugging people who have way more important things to do??”

Which means I had to delete the entire fucking email because it was completely useless! AND IT TOOK A HALF HOUR TO WRITE.

This is why I cry every time I read a business article about workplace efficiency.

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