The Mad Hatter Inside

My head likes to rage like I’m losing the game

Pulling me down to a self latching cage

I don’t want to want, no I don’t want to need

I just want to be okay with the way that I bleed

The confusion, the cyclone, the Mad Hatter inside

The shit storm that hits when my eyes open wide

How can I be so old, so wise, and so strong

When at the end of the day I feel just two feet long

Why does hate consume me when I think of myself

While obsession rules thoughts of everyone else

I worship these people who seem to have the power to save

But in the end they just bury me back in my grave

My brain stretched so tightly but crushed all the same

My soul dripping lightly down the deep rusty drain

My legs still move and my arms still reach out

Til the truth is embraced: life is nothing but doubt

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