Is It Weird? Episode 5

Is it weird that I don’t like – no, correction, I hate – gourmet cupcakes? I mean, to me they taste like somebody took a perfectly wonderful Walmart cupcake, doubled everything in the recipe except FLAVOR and then topped it off with a layer of equally flavorless frosting that honestly tastes like they used Extra, Extra, Extra Heavy Whipping Cream. 

They are awful. I’ve been to so many gourmet cupcake shops because – and I’m not exaggerating – I LOVE CUPCAKES. I really do! If you’re going to sell the damn things, I’m your target market. 

But they all suck. Every single damn one. I opt for King Soopers or even friggin pre-packaged Little Debbie cakes before I find myself at one of those mom & pop shops. 

And I love supporting local business! So can we fix this, please? I feel like life has taken a terrible turn in the wrong direction. And if Trump is going to President, I’m going to NEED access to lots of delicious gourmet cupcakes. 

You know what, I don’t care if it’s weird. I’m starting a campaign. Save the Cupcakes!

2 thoughts on “Is It Weird? Episode 5

  1. Perhaps you just haven’t found the perfect gourmet cupcake? I’ll admit, paying $5.00+ bucks for a miniature cake raises the expectations a bit, but I have had a few that were worth it. (If only in caloric intake, if nothing else. These babies will keep you from freezing to death because of the layer of blubber they produce upon consumption.) I have made it my goal to find the perfect gourmet cupcake. I’ll let you know when I hit pay dirt. (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.)

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    • Haha – I’ve tried quite a number of places because when these became popular I was all over it!! The only place I’ve found that I like okay is a place in Thornton, CO. But if you find something, let me know!!

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