If You Haven’t Seen This, Read it Now

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. And I don’t believe the media is “out to get us” or to paint an us vs Muslims picture, they are out to get our eyeballs. So they report what they think we are interested in. The only way we change that is to show that we aren’t interested in dichotomies and creating fake enemies. ISIS is an enemy to all, including Muslims. So share this inform everyone and maybe, maybe, with time the media will start to get the message. We care about our Muslim, Eastern European, Asian – and ALL our neighbors who are being killed. They are important. Fancy places like Paris aren’t the only locations worth reporting on. Let’s see what this threat is really about so we can actually fight it effectively. Misinformation (or excluded information) will only make things worse. 


8 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Seen This, Read it Now

      • Where I live (Netherlands) all these events were reported. Not as extensively as Brussels attack, but that might have to do with the proximity and news value. “Dog bites man” – no news, “man bites dog” – news.

        That they did not make headlines in the U.S. has more to do with things outside the U.S. rarely making headlines there.

        And I’m pretty sure attacks like the one in Tunisia made headlines in the U.S. as well – http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/26/africa/tunisia-terror-attack/

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      • That’s the thing – the attacks in Europe DID make headlines in the U.S. But any attacks that involved Muslim countries did not. That’s the issue. Our media is cherry-picking which attacks to report. It’s a big problem in our country and causes a skewed view of who the terrorists are and who they are targeting. They’re not just after white Christians – they’re after everybody who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology, even those who claim the same religious affiliation.

        The attack in Tunisia may have been mentioned but it was not given near the screen time that the European attacks did. Most people I know didn’t know about any other attacks besides Brussels. Partially our fault for not seeking alternative sources of information, but it would be nice to have reliable media outlets here in the U.S.


      • Seriously – what prevents you from choosing which media to follow?

        Attacks in Muslim countries are routine. When something happens daily, it does not get reported as often anymore.


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