Ruling Felix: Chapter 1


“Ms. Felix, your next, erm, appointment is here.”

I heaved a sigh as I glanced down at my new designer pencil skirt and ran my fingers over the soft fabric.

Clay Felix: CEO, Felix-Pittman Engineering Corp. I liked the sound of it. It was bold. Stately. Powerful. And yet, after three hours of insidious debate with the VP of Engineering, I still had no resolution to the performance problem with our state-of-the-art wind turbine. Millions of dollars were at risk and it seemed as though no one except me was seeing the urgency of the issue.

“We’ve got ultrasonic transducers shipping today, Ms. Felix. They can detect cracks and flaws to ensure the problem doesn’t repeat itself,” Tom had said.

“You’re missing the point, Tom.” I could still recall his face flushing as I stepped in closer and stared him down. “We have over 100 useless damaged turbines sitting on the property of our number one customer. Future prevention techniques won’t solve their problem. I need feet on the ground now to get those either replaced or repaired.”

The argument had continued far longer than it should have. I finally dismissed Tom with a stark “get it done or get out”. My patience had run far too thin.

For this reason, my secretary’s announcement of my next “appointment” was a welcome song to my ears. I needed a release. Badly. And today was Toby’s day; he was my favorite. I closed my eyes and envisioned the tousled brown hair, warm but piercing eyes, and his pecks that always felt so beautifully hard under my soft fingers. After so many years of failed relationships, these moments had become the highlight of my week. My partner, Zoe Pittman, was not a fan and loved to discourage my escapades, but despite her insistence otherwise, it seemed there did not exist any men who could handle a woman like me.

So instead, I took them in doses – short, hot, and hard doses.

The door creeked open and shut. I continued staring out the window, sticking my ass out behind me in wont.

“Ms. Felix. I hope you are ready for me.”

I smiled to myself, “I’ve done my best to prepare. But I’ve had a rough day so I’m afraid you’ll be doing most of the work this afternoon.”

I turned around to find him looking oh-so-gorgeous in a pair of sweat pants that, you know, accentuated certain areas just right, and a fitted white t-shirt I couldn’t wait to rip off. He looked down on me with needy, greedy eyes. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

He walked right up to me so his nose was just inches from mine. I could smell his musky scent; his presence was giving me goose bumps. He let the moment linger, moving around my face as if to breath in me in. His finger ran up my thigh.

He shoved me up against my desk and began hastily unbuttoning my shirt. I let my head hang backward as I felt his hands encompass me, and prepared for an hour completely free of worry, concern, and most of all, business.


*                *                *                *                *


Zoe rolled her eyes. “Are you even listening to me, Clay? Don’t tell me I’m catching you right after a round of man candy.”

I came back to the present. Zoe was sitting across from me, glaring, but all I could do was smile. My session with Toby was perfect. I had gotten completely lost in him. I re-imagined how he had sat me on the window sill, buck naked. I had wrapped my bare legs around his waste while he sucked at my nipples and then felt his fingers plunge inside me, exploring, preparing the way for that amazing cock.

“I just had some therapy, that’s all,” I said.

Zoe’s eyes widened. “Clay Felix! How long are you going to go on like this? Don’t you have any desire to, I don’t know, settle down a little? Even just for a couple of months?”

I sighed. I was getting tired of having this conversation, but clearly Zoe needed the script repeated. Again. “Honey, I love you to pieces, I really do. But you were there for my last three relationships. Have you forgotten already? Men love a woman like me until things start to get serious – then suddenly I’m expected to pull all the weight. I can’t do it anymore; you know that. I need a man. A man who can meet me on my level instead of becoming a big ball of nerves whenever I get upset –”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Zoe held her hands up in submission. “I get it, okay? I just don’t know if it’s healthy. You’re using protection, right?”

“Oh my God, Zoe, what are you, my fucking mom? Of course I am. Can we talk about business now? My love life isn’t on the agenda, last time I checked.”

Zoe turned back to the proposal in front of her and we reviewed the terms.

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled our things together and headed to the elevator. I was looking forward to getting back to our massive apartment and hiding out in the TV room for a few hours with a copy of Pride and Prejudice. It felt so good to transport myself back to a simpler time when men were real men and the world wasn’t so massive and stressful.

“So do you know who you’re taking to the fundraiser this weekend yet?” Zoe probed.

Ah fuck. I’d completely forgotten about it.

She observed the look of bewilderment on my face. “I take it that’s a no?”

I scowled. “I’ll just go alone. People do that, don’t they?”

“No,” Zoe cried, “they don’t! And neither will you.”

“Well, I don’t have much choice. The escort agency gets booked out at least two weeks in advance.”

She gave me a knowing smile. “Maybe you do have a choice.”

Uh oh. I knew that look on her face. Shit. She’d been counting on this. She knew how flaky I was – she knew damn well I’d forget to line someone up. The elevator door opened and we joined ten of our closest, most cranky friends for the ride down to freedom.

“Oh, for God’s sake,” I murmured, “Just tell me his name already so I can tell you no.”

“I’m a little insulted that you have so little trust in my judgment. I could find you a fine man if you’d give me the chance.”

“Shit, it’s someone I know, isn’t it? I told you, I’m not dating Harvey from accounting. It’s against my moral code to fuck within the company.”

“I’m not talking about Harvey – although you two would make an amazing couple. I wonder if I can get him fired…”

“Zoe.” I was getting frustrated.

She looked at me innocently. “What?”

“The name?” I asked.

Just then the elevator door opened and we were forced out into the lobby like a tidal wave. I managed to grab Zoe’s arm before I completely lost her to the escalator. We stepped on together and I gave her an expectant look.

She smiled. “You know the guy I’m dating, Connor?”

I nodded. “You mean the one you’ve been dating for the past year? Yes, I’m familiar with him. I’m particularly familiar with the sex noises he makes in the middle of the night. Can’t you guys fuck at bedtime like every other person?”

“Hey, the time of night I choose to fuck is my own business! And you’re changing the subject. Connor has a brother.”

“Wait, hang on. Your boyfriend of one year has a brother and you’re only just now telling me?”

We stepped off the escalator and followed the crowd into the street. We waited by the curb while our car meandered slowly to through the traffic to our side.

“Um, did you not hear yourself ten minutes ago? ‘Don’t hook me up with anyone, Zoe. You have horrible taste in men, Zoe.'” Her mocking was not helping my impatience.

“That’s not what I said,” I huffed.

“Well, anyways, I just found out myself. His name, since you’re so adamant to know, is Mason. Apparently Connor avoids introducing him to people; he’s a bit of a loner or something.”

“And you want to introduce him to me?”

“Okay, first of all, Clay, he’s drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, way more fuckable than any of the escorts you keep patronizing. And second of all, does it really matter? You need a date in four days and I don’t see any other options magically presenting themselves.”

She was right. As much as I threatened to show up at the fundraiser alone, I knew I’d never do it. It fit way too easily into the image everyone already had of me: female CEO, single and sexless, giving up love for piles of money. I couldn’t stand the idea of perpetuating that ridiculous social stereotype. “I’ll think about it.”

Zoe grinned wildly. “That’s all I ask.”

I hate it when she wins.

Our car pulled up and we headed home.

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