The Epic First Time

The first timeIs kind of like the first time you fly

On an airplane

You’ve seen airplanes on TV

You pretty much know what to expect

How big they’re going to be

Then you get out on that Tarmac

For that first time

And you’re like, oh shit

That thing is huge

How can this work?

How can any human being

Control such a thing?

It’s got to have a mind of its own

When I met the pilot, I trusted him, but now

I’m not convinced he’s fully in charge

But you plunge ahead anyways

Buckle in

Grip tightly

Hold your breath

Slamming backwards with force

The tingles beginning to flow

The tension building

You stomach churning excitedly

And then you’re in the air

And you’re glad

That you took a chance

Because God

Does that dick feel good

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