…And Then I Think Maybe I CAN Rule the World

So I have a small email list or two to which I send chapters of my stories once a week – one chapter per week, to be exact. It’s not a large list, but the readers are dedicated and excited and pretty much make my world go round.

Anyways, this week I posted a particularly titilating chapter and I just loved the responses I got!! If any of you are writers, you know how much feedback means – I’ve determined that it’s about as good as winning the lottery and it makes you feel like you could climb Mt Everest. Or rule the world, as it were.

Here are some highlights for you to enjoy. And I’d love to know from you: what’s the greatest comment or review you’ve ever gotten from a story you wrote?

I am on the edge of my seat! I want ‘more’! 🙂 Thank you for writing this intriguing story. Please keep the chapters coming!

So excited! Finally we know why she is at air port!

Ohhhhh my god! Finally. Pleeeeease let him show to the airport! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase! Lol ok ok your story but that was great.

More soon please!

What a wild ride!

And yes, that is a very excited picture of me as the featured image. I never was very photogenic.

Now I will take a bow, grab some cheap wine, and go to heat up a cup o’ noodles.

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