It’s a Thrift Store Fashion Show!

Yep, I pretty much said it all in the title. My daughter and I took a little joyride to the thrift store today – a Saturday activity I like to indulge in when I can find the time – and we found lots of fun little gems that we just had to display for everyone. Of course, me being me, I couldn’t wear anything I bought in a normal way, so I kooked it up a little bit for y’all.

In addition to the Broncos mermaid fin blanket I made for my daughter today (yep it’s for real, take a look at the end of the post).

I think we’ve drained our quirky creative juices dry. Damn, I meant to get some writing done today…

Oh well. Here you are, the tops, vests, and skirts we pulled off the “previously-owned” rack today and made into model-worthy outfits (or something…)!

Alyssa 1

She really does want Taylor Swift to take her to New York. That’s a flashlight in her hand, btw. She wanted to pretend she was exploring.

Jane 1

And then me – always dramatic as shit. Shout out to my Broncos – yeayaaaaaaah!!! (we’re gonna get creamed, but my love will never fade).

Alyssa 2

She’s a serious model folks. Just like Hello Kitty.

Jane 2

I tried, I failed. But I’ve always wanted to pull off a vest over a layered t-shirt. Maybe next time?

Alyssa 3

There’s my sweet little girl. There will be no growing up around here!

Jane 3

That sweater is ADORBS but uncomfortable as hell. Meh, it was 99 cents.

Alyssa 4

She totally came up with that pose all on her own. While wearing a “Girls just wanna have fun” t-shirt. Sigh…don’t tell Daddy…

And last of all, here’s that Broncos mermaid blanket I promised. Yep, it has been quite a day. And now my daughter is relaxing to the sound of “The Phantom of the Opera”.

Sigh…my husband never had a chance…


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