The Trilogy is Almost Complete…

I’m almost done!! The third book in my Losing You romance series is almost complete! I’ve titled it Saving Me and despite the fact that I had intended this story to go in a very deliberate direction, it has actually wrung out very differently! I’m very excited about this, as I’m sure any writers reading this can understand.

Scroll down for an excerpt from Saving Me that will hook you in to the series!

To celebrate, Losing You is free today so be sure to visit this link and download it from Amazon:


And don’t forget to check out Keeping You, the second book in the short story series which is not free, but it is super cheap at only 99 cents!


Excerpt from Saving Me:

I pulled the baseball cap lower over my face. I was glad Kate wasn’t working – surely she would say something. It was perhaps a bit early for a drink but societal conventions had no hold on me anymore; getting by was all that mattered. And anyways, Bloody Marys are healthy, right?

I smirked to myself, my moment of humor quickly doused by the pain of my decisions. It wasn’t his fault, after all. I had made him angry. Why did I always feel the need to push him past his limit?

My fingers gently touched the discolored swollen skin around my left eye. There was no time for regret. No use for it. What was done was done and I’d have to find a way to cope.

I glanced at the time – almost 11am. Time to hit the road; he’d be home for his lunch break soon and I didn’t want to be within 30 miles of him when he discovered his lonesome empty apartment. There would be yelling and screaming. The chair might be broken again…

I threw my cash on the table and stood quickly to redirect my thoughts. The door. I have to get out the door and to my car. Then to the highway. After that, the sky’s the limit.

I pushed the dilapidated wood door open and took a moment to enjoy the April sunshine. This is good. It’s a whole new beginning. I rounded the corner to my car and caught sight of Lucas standing nearby next to his SUV, watching me with that familiar look of concern. I winced at the site of the bandage on his broken nose. I tried to ignore him like I always did but this time he didn’t let me get away. He approached me cautiously as I reached to unlock my car.

“I’m busy, Lucas. I have somewhere to be.”

He stopped, but hesitated to heed my brush-off. “Alexis, I’m worried. I can’t stand by and watch this anymore.”

“Watch what?” I said casually, doing my best to sport a lighthearted smile, but keeping my face down turned from his sight. Lucas’ moment of weakness at the hospital seemed so trivial in light of what John had done, but I wasn’t ready to face him yet.

“You know what I’m talking about,” he said carefully.

I threw my purse in the car. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re on the same page these days. How’s Leah?”

It was a desperate redirect; he knew very well I hadn’t spoken to her in months. I hadn’t spoken to anyone. Even my colleagues at work had begun to show signs of suspicion. But he played along. “Don’t change the subject. I know you’re still mad at me, but you have to open your eyes; this relationship isn’t healthy.”

I sighed. He was right. I adjusted the bill of my cap again, hoping to God he couldn’t see. “I have to go.”

He stepped closer and gently touched my shoulder. I jerked away instinctively, fighting the tears that had threatened to come since the day I ran from Lucas to try my luck with John. “This isn’t you, Alexis.”

I realized he wasn’t going to back off unless I attacked this head-on. I smiled and looked him in the eye. “Lucas, you’re overreacting. It’s just been a stressful few months. I’m fine.” I still wasn’t fully convinced of his supposed recovery. Leah had called me several times to remind me that the doctors had written it off as a post-traumatic anomaly – supposedly this type of thing happen all the time while the brain is healing – but I didn’t want to accept it. My relationship with John was heated and passionate. At least, that’s how it started.

I reached for the door handle but I couldn’t bring myself to pull it open. It was just as well because I appeared to have angered him.

“Stop playing this off like it’s nothing. It’s not nothing. You’re worth more than this.”

Lucas reached for my ball cap. My instinct was to duck and run but I was too stubborn to let my weakness show. I searched my mind for an excuse as he ripped off the cap and my blemished state was revealed.

“Jesus, Alexis.” He didn’t stare and for that I was grateful. Instead, he looked into my eyes and rested his hands on his hips with determination. “Where is he?”

I scoffed. “Get off your high horse, Lucas. I don’t need a savior.” I snatched my cap from his grip and shoved it back over my head.

He bowed his head. “What do you need then? Because the next time this happens you’re going to end up in the hospital.”

I almost laughed. “You mean the place you were the first time you hit me?”

He cowered. “I can’t express to you how awful I feel about that, Alexis. But you have to know, that wasn’t me – “

“Yeah, I know. Blame it on the accident,” I muttered. “Like you give a damn.” I opened my car door to make my escape.

John slammed it shut. “Goddamnit, Alexis, stop this bullshit.” He approached me again, but his anger terrified me. “Of course I give a damn. How could I not?”

He reached for my arm and pulled the sleeve of my sweater back, revealing a scar across my left wrist. His anger melted and his eyebrows crinkled. He gently caressed the scar with his thumb. “Fuck…” He shook his head and fell to his knees, pressing my hand to his cheek. “I can make things right, Lex. I can treat you better than this. It can be just like before.”

I shrank, my shoulders falling, small and weak. “I’m the reason you got in that accident, Lucas.”

He glanced up at me, standing. “You can’t say that. It’s not your fault. I’m the one who fucked up.”

A tear escaped down my cheek. “Please let me go,” I whispered.

He looked up at me in shock and immediately dropped my hand. Guilt swept across his face with the realization of the depth of my sensitivity. He stepped backward and gave me space to get in my car. I rolled down my window and he leaned his arm on the hood, bending down to my level. He searched for his words.

“I’m sorry, Lucas. I want to be able to let it go, I really do. I just can’t. Not yet.”

“Alexis, look at me,” he said softly. I found the courage to meet his eyes. “Stop fucking apologizing.”

I nodded my head, eyeing the bruise on his cheek and blocking the pangs of guilt coursing through my veins. “If convincing me to leave John was your goal in coming here…” I sighed. “It’s already been taken care of.”

Before he could respond, I pulled out and turned into the street, my sights set on I-25 South. I couldn’t resist the urge to watch his troubled face in the rear view mirror as I angled the car towards my new life.

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