Join Me on the Novel-Writing Journey

Hello lovelies! I’m very excited to announce that I’ve started a new contemporary romantic comedy novel called Players. I’ve written a few chapters (the first one has been posted here) so far and it’s already been a blast!

The story details the journey of Breccan and Gretel, two self-proclaimed ‘players’ who hook up after a chess tournament (yep, I know, trust me it’s hilarious) and decide that, since they both have no interest in a relationship, they’d make a great wingman/wingwoman for each other. They begin a journey of hilarious depravity, role-playing the most absurd games to land their one night stands (think “Seinfeld”). But the game changes when Brec’s cousin, Angelika – a Psychology of Personality professor at the local university – pays them some much-needed dough to participate in an academic experiment: she believes she can use personality theory to make them fall in love.

To hook you in, the first chapter is here.

I’m distributing this story via email, one chapter at a time – I won’t be continuing it on the blog anymore. I’d love to have you on this journey with me! I email one chapter per week and you can respond with comments, suggestions, or your wish-list about the direction you’d like to see the novel go. OR you can just read and enjoy. It’s my way of rewarding my  most dedicated readers while keeping myself on-point with my writing.

To join the list, just drop me an email: and I’ll add you. The list is growing much quicker than I expected, so I hope you’ll join the rest of us! Here’s to a lovely week.

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