High Five to My High School Self

GUYS!!!! You will not believe what I found in my basement the other day. Well, actually, if you’re a pack rat like my mom and you keep everything your kids ever made then I guess this won’t be a surprise. In fact, maybe it’s altogether boring, I don’t know. But I dug up one of the only completed stories I ever wrote in high school. It was part of a creative writing class where we had to write a 1,000-word short story or something. It’s funny, actually, because I recall trying to write stories with complicated plots and happy endings, but I always struggled. With this one, though, writing came so easily. With a more reflective feel, a dismal plot, and a dark and unforgiving ending I seemed to find myself at home.

Makes me wish I’d written more stories back then. Why didn’t I? Debilitating insecurity and perfectionism aside, I think I was under the impression at the time that my stories needed to happy and encouraging. I was very religious at the time and felt like my stories, music, everything had to be about God or happiness or love. Ironically, though I was an avid songwriter at the time more than anything, I couldn’t write music about any of those things either.

So there was this time or two where I was in a place where I allowed myself to walk darker paths (darker for a teenager, anyways) and produced some really cool stuff.

SO!!! Hats off to my teenage self. Here’s a great sneak peek at teenage Jane for you:


That’s me with my sibs. I’m on the far left. We were so nerdy.I wonder if I could get my hair to do that again??

Click below to read my AMAZING, unstoppable, heart-wrenching, totally original and un-edited high school short story, Betrayed. Who knew I’d be so heavily involved story writing later in life??


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