Reader’s Favorite Reviewed My Book!

I got my first official professional book review for Losing You!! I’m thrilled with how it turned out too – with the exciting novels I’m working on right now, I’m psyched to see what the future holds.

Click here to read the review!!


Here’s an excerpt. Thanks Lisa! And btw, there IS a sequel with a third enstallment on the way. 🙂

Alexis and Lucas are the perfect couple. Their love is what every person dreams of. But Alexis finds herself in a rut, unable to fully commit to the permanence of the happily ever after. In an attempt to establish a more financially secure future, or maybe because she just wants to toy with the “what if”, Alexis lays her cards (literally) on the table in a high stakes poker game. She is not a loser. She never loses at cards. Until she does. The couple’s entire savings is depleted within minutes and Alexis suddenly realizes the grave error she has committed. With unexpected guidance from a complete stranger and the kind words of a friendly bartender, Alexis is reminded of the many reasons why life without Lucas would be unbearable.

In her short story Losing You, author PJ Haynie compresses an entire novel into a few short pages. Haynie’s vivid descriptions bring the reader face-to-face with the realities of what we do in the name of love and self-preservation. Losing You reeks of human emotion with which the reader will certainly relate. Her sentence structure is perfectly in tune with the brief story, creating a sense of novel proportions. Normally not a devotee of short stories, this reader was drawn into the very real circumstances of a relationship on the edge of break up. I felt like I was standing beside Alexis as she jumped from possible disaster to making the right decisions. I really, really enjoyed it. I hope the author will think about extending the story.

If you’d like a free copy of Losing You, please click the graphic below (and please leave a review on Amazon!) or, if you’ve already read it, pick up the sequel, Keeping You, here. 

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