You’re About to Find Out Just How Immature I Am

I know, my writing and musings seem SO sophisticated, it’s impossible to believe I might indulge in potty humor every now and then….

Think again.

I found this meme on Facebook the other day and just had to repost to my personal page to see what kinds of crazy answers my friends could come up with. Much to my surprise, several hours and 250 comments later, I was laughing to the point of tears over the responses I got. And folks, I became a believer.

So, for your enjoyment, here are the highlights – the best responses I got so you don’t have to wallow in the mediocrity. You might be rolling your eyes by the end or you might be rolling on the floor laughing like I was, but either way, you won’t be able to deny the power of a good dick joke.

If you’d like the full stream, here’s the link to the public post on my FB page.

Or you can just enjoy the highlights below!


Good Dick Hunting

Rebel Without a Dick

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dick

28 Dicks Later

Rosemary’s Dick

Three Men and a Dick

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Dick

The Girl With the Dick Tattoo

The Man a With One Red Dick

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Dick

Clear and Present Dick

Dick Hard With a Vengeance

50 Shades of Dick

Cloudy With a Chance of Dick (one of my favs!)

Seven Brides Dick Seven Brothers

The Longest Dick

The Dick Strikes Back

White Men Can’t Dick

The Dick Whisperer

A Dick Runs Through It

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Dick

Fried Green Dick

You Only Dick Twice

The Spy Who Loved Dick (thanks babe lol)

All Dicks Go to Heaven

The Land Before Dick

Girls Just Wanna Have Dick

Dicking Private Ryan

Honey, I Shrunk the Dick (winner of most ‘likes’!)

The Curious Dick of Benjamin Button

Dancing With Dicks

The Battle of Five Dicks

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Dick

Dude, Where’s My Dick? (My fav lol!!)

Twelve Angry Dicks 

Snow White and the Seven Dicks

Silence of the Dicks

Jurassic Dick

No Country for Old Dick

The Dark Dick Rises

My Big Fat Greek Dick

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Dick

Operation Dumbo Dick

The Buttercream Dick

The NeverEnding Dick

PeeWee’s Big Dick

James and the Giant Dick

There Will Be Dick

Ok, be honest: which one made you laugh the hardest??

(Pun intended)

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