The Deep Within

What will I find

If I dig that deep

What will I discover

When I fall asleep


If I let myself dive

To the dungeon, the lair

Hanging, clinging

To hollow thin air


Where my mind starts to morph

And my brain loses sight

Where the sound of loud engines

Repeats without right


Where my hands cling tightly

To the sides of my head

And the devils and demons

Try to sing me to bed


What lies there

In the mold and the dust

In the cantankerous filth

Built of saliva and rust


Is it me, is it you?

Or some old worn out pair

Of useless dull tweezers

Of deep and dead stares


It will eat me and crush

Or so I do think

My life would collapse

My conscience would sink


I’d be nothing left

But a pool of hot blood

Seeping, creeping,

Infecting the mud


But maybe down deep

Where the hell meets the high

The worst of all beings

Saunters on by


Depraved and alone

Shackled and shorn

But real nonetheless

Alive but reborn


At the end of the day

The putrid and beau

Are one, not the other

The steam in the snow


They settle in slowly

Deep in their skin

They both always lose

They both always win


Perhaps that is all

Perhaps that is it

The darkest of crud

Births the tastiest pit


Maybe the core

Of your lofty raised tents

Is nothing more than

An old rusty chain-linked fence


For the difference that lies

Between you and tween me

Is nothing more than

The insidious ‘we’

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