Sometimes You Just Have to Make Stuff…

Writing is so abstract, so in the brain, so not physical. Every now and then, it feels good to just make something beautiful. Something you can stare at, enjoy, and touch.

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for Christmas presents for friends and family. Money is a bit tight this year so I’m planning to make most of the presents. I came up with some ideas for inspirational necklaces and decided to try them out before making the real thing. As it turns out, they look great! Each one has an inspirational quote inside – well, one that’s inspirational to me anyways.

And so, I’m sharing with you. And with Etsy. And pretty much anyone else whose eyeballs I can steal.

Here’s a few pictures. If you like one, you can click on the link to go to my Etsy shop, but no pressure. I just wanted to share them because they turned out really cool. I’m finding I really like this steampunk-type style so I think I may do a little more even after this project is done…

“There is no hope in perfection”



“I gave up forever to save today”



“That perfect girl is gone” (From the movie “Frozen”)



“I lost my faith but instead found myself”



“Not all who wander are lost”



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