Safe Inside: Chapter 2

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The world shakes and swoons
Her eyes scan the sky, unaware of the fleeting life
A crackle in her ear, a ray of sunshine on her face
Aching, pain, and sadness is all her consciousness can tolerate
Twigs snap, leaves pluck, into the flames they go
Like melting candles to the heat of an industrial furnace

Food is all she can see
Squiggles of spaghetti, poofs of whipped cream, the shiny glare of a bar of chocolate
The trees mean nothing now
The grass has no value
The still body beside her remains

Hands caress again the face of a sister become stranger
No giggles
Long gone are the stories of adventure and wrath
Adventure is not beautiful nor fun
Adventure belongs not in a life but in between the dusty covers of an unread story
That will never replicate a speck of carnal reality
Alone and unlived, as it should be

Dirt falls from the hairs of a dusty head
Alone she works to eat to drink to feed the motionless body in her charge
We will survive she repeats to the deafening silence of the night
The water is murk
The food is mud
The sleep is pitted with nightmares

Of what
What could be worse
Her sister sips slowly with parched lips
“More” she mumbles
The pain of denial never severed so resolutely
Too many bugs, too many germs
We must be careful

Two more days pass
She awakens in the night, feverish and afraid
A face blocks the reflection of the moon
Eyes or black holes, take your pick
Pointed cheeks and scattered hairs
A growl
A scream

A creature unhuman but a man
Teeth that pierce metal scour for meat
But no, no not this night
The time is not right
The meat is not properly prepared
She covers her sister’s body with hers
Until the shadow evaporates

The shaking and vomiting has great hold on her
The nightmare has become real
As the sun rises, she is still protecting
Shielding her sister
But the trees and the grass and the pond
They are the same
Carrying no imprint, no nuance
Of creatures mythic

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