Two Feet in Two Worlds

So my daughter loves Minecraft so I decided to try to find a fanfiction story to read to her since I’ve heard such great things about them. Well guess what? There are no Minecraft stories with a female protagonist!!

So I wrote one.

Here’s the first little bit. It’s free on Kindle today and for as long as I can manage it!!


Two Feet In Two Worlds: An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure

Alyssa, wake up, you’re late!”

Her eyes shoot open. 7:45. Crap.

Alyssa jumps out of bed, throws open her dresser drawer and pulls on a simple pair of jeans and a green t-shirt.

“Coming Dad!” she cries.

She darts up the stairs to find Daddy standing in the kitchen with a plate of breakfast for her – scrambled eggs and bacon; her favorite. She feels bad.

“Sorry, Daddy, I tried to wake up on time.”

He smiles. “Just eat and get off to school, sweetheart, we’ll try again tomorrow.” She shoves the hot food in her mouth, grabs her backpack and flies out the door to the bus stop.

Just in time! A few houses down on the corner sits the bus, waiting patiently for the last few kids to hop on. Alyssa runs as fast as she can, waving my arms and screaming – not that it’s really necessary: The bus driver is looking right at her! He smiles and shakes his finger, laughing. She’s breathless as She mounts the stairs, high-fiving her friend Freddy who’s sitting in his usual spot in the front. She settles in next to Jacinda, her best friend.

“You barely made it, Alyssa!” Jacinda cries.

Alyssa laughs. “I missed my alarm this morning! I pretty much ran straight here from my bed.”

“I can tell,” Jacinda teases, tugging at the rats in her hair.

Oops. Alyssa rakes her fingers through her hair, loosening up a few tendrils.

“I can just pretend Halloween is early this year,” she suggests with a giggle.

Their conversation continues all the way to school with Freddie jumping in to discuss his planned costume for the upcoming school parade.

As soon as Alyssa steps off the bus, she spots a girl leaning against one of the pillars at the school entrance, a scowl on her face. She tries to conceal herself behind Jace, but it’s too late; the girl has started walking angrily towards her.

“Crap, Jace, she’s coming!” She cries.

“Quit hiding!” Jace cries, “she can’t hurt you. Just face her.”

The scowling girl is Paula Chandler. She has been teasing and bullying Alyssa since the first day they met – when Alyssa accidentally spilled her food tray on her in the cafeteria.

Paula tosses her thick shoulder-length brown hair behind her neck and places her hand on her hip. “What are you doing here, Alyssa? I thought animals were supposed to stay home in cages.”

A few students giggle as they overhear Paula’s insult. Alyssa cowers behind Jace.

“Just leave her alone, Paula,” Jace orders. “Go find someone else to beat up on.”

Paula smirks. “Are you her mommy?” She crouches closer to Alyssa, taking on a mocking tone. “Alyssa, can you ask your mommy if you can come out and play? Or is it your nap time?”.

Alyssa turns bright red and runs Jace to the school entrance, disappearing behind the crowd. She hears Paula calling after her, “Where are you going? Are you scared?” More laughter. “Oh look, you’re mommy is coming to save you!”

Alyssa ducks into the bathroom and shuts the stall door, hot tears falling down her cheeks.

Why is she so mean? She thinks to herself. She scrunches up on the floor by the toilet, hoping to disappear altogether. A few moments later there’s a tap on the stall door.


It’s one of the teachers, Ms. Martin. Alyssa wipes her tears and responds quietly, “Yeah?”

“Class is about to start, dear. Can I walk you to your classroom?”

Alyssa reluctantly opens the door and Ms. Martin pulls her into a small hug. She doesn’t say a word, but walks her to Mr. Donahue’s 3rd grade classroom down the hall.

Alyssa loves Ms. Martin. Mr. Donahue is nice too, by she wishes Ms. Martin were her teacher. She seems to always be there when Paula is being mean.

The first half of school passes mostly without incident. Paula passes snide looks in Alyssa’s direction, but she tries to ignore them. On the playground, she and Jace start building the skeleton of a house with pine needles shaping the areas where the walls should be. They build a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.

“My room is over here by the big tree,” Alyssa announces as she lays pine needles around the base of the biggest tree in the schoolyard, “and the tree will be my clubhouse.”

“I want my room next to the kitchen so I can get cookies whenever I want!” Jace cries, building out her bedroom.

They’re just getting finished with their rooms when Paula and a few of her thugs start waking towards them.

“Stay away! This is our house!” Jace cries at them, standing protectively by the front door.

Paula smirks. “I’m not doing anything, I’m just looking.”

Alyssa stays back by the tree, sitting Indian style in her bedroom to protect it from the bullies. Paula and her friends circle around the perimeter of the house, inspecting it closely.

“I think there’s a problem with your house,” she comments snidely. The girls ignore her. Paula’s friend Katie walks up by the living room.

“Yeah, I think there’s an…earthquake!” She screams and begins kicking, scattering the pine needles far and wide.

“No!” Alyssa and Jace cry. They run to the living room and stand over the remaining perimeter trying to protect it from damage. “Stop it! This is our house!” They yell, but the bullies don’t listen.

“Haha, your house is falling down!” They tease as they run around picking up pine needles and tossing them out into the field.

“Stop!” Alyssa and Jace run after them, desperately trying to return the foliage to its rightful place, but they aren’t fast enough. Paula’s four friends destroy the entire house before Alyssa and Jace can stop them.

“Too bad,” Paula gloats, “I guess you and mommy will have to sleep on the street tonight.”

Alyssa and Jace sit defeated by the trunk of the big tree while he girls saunter away, laughing over their horrid accomplishment.

“I hate them,” Alyssa mutters.

“Why do you always let them do that?” Jace asks, angrily. “If you would fight back they wouldn’t destroy our house!”

“I don’t let them!” Alyssa cries. “They’re just being mean! And now you are too!”

“I’m not being mean! I’m the only one who tells them to go away!”

Tears begin to fall as Alyssa huddles closer to the tree. “I’m trying to, okay? But they won’t go away, they won’t leave me alone.”

“You just have to say something, Alyssa. I’m tired of being the only one who stands up to them.”

And with that, Jace stalked off towards the school, leaving Alyssa a sad mess by herself on the playground.

The bell soon rings and she is forced to go back inside and finish the school day, but she can’t figure out how to feel happy again. Not only did the mean girls ruining her day, but now her best friend is mad at her. She sits at her desk sulking as the teacher asks everyone to pull out their math notebooks.

That afternoon after school, Alyssa sits on the bus alone. Jace has soccer practice and Freddie is busy playing a video game he borrowed from his friend. She looks sadly out the window wondering what she’s going to do for the rest of the day.

When she arrives home, mom and dad are still at work.

I think I’ll take a walk up the hill, she thinks. Maybe I can find some wild flowers to pick. 

It’s a beautiful fall day outside with birds singing as they fly south and the leaves on the trees just starting to change color. Alyssa doesn’t notice this, of course, after her terrible day, but as she walks she begins to feel a little bit better.

She starts up the hill as the breeze picks up, scavenging the ground for flowers that have not yet withered in the cool fall weather. As she makes her way through the brush, something shiny catches her eye. Buried in the grass to her left is an object shimmering in the setting sun. She steps closer, curious what she will find.

It’s probably just someone’s trash, she thinks as she draws closer to the object. It shines so brilliantly that she has to shield her eyes as she picks it up.

It’s not a bottle. It appears to be a small stone – small enough to fit perfectly in the palm of her hand. As she brings it closer to her face, the bright light fades to a dull glow. The rock looks like crystal – almost see-through but with a bright white smoke swirling around the inside. She can’t avoid the temptation to turn it in her fingers over and over, trying to understand how the smoke got inside. Is it glass? Is it rock? Maybe it’s plastic?

Suddenly the light from the rock intensifies like sunlight, blinding her, and she falls backward, dropping it on the ground as she covers her face with her hands. She lays there for a few moments, afraid to move.

Slowly, she parts two fingers so she can see through a small crack in between. The light is gone. She relaxes and removes her hands, opening up the landscape to her view.

Oh crap.

Chapter 2

Alyssa looks around in shock, unable to comprehend what she sees before her. The world has change. Completely. She is still standing on the hill like before, but it looks entirely different; like a cartoon. The grass is green and flat, and the surrounding hills look strange like they came out of a computer game. Down in a nearby gulley she can see a deep blue lake, and leading from the lake to the place she stands is a vast forest. No houses, no stores, and no people like she’d normally see from this perch on Spokane Hill.

Then she notices something else. Herself. She’s still wearing the same jeans and t-shirt but she looks boxy like a Lego character. Her hands are peach and her arms are stiff. Panic begins to rise inside her. What is going on? What do I do?

She thinks about the bright stone. The stone must’ve changed something. She thinks. It must have taken me somewhere new…

And then she realizes where she is. She knows this place from a game her friends in the neighborhood like to play after school sometimes.

“I’m in Minecraft!” She cries as a smile spreads across her face. She runs down the hills towards the lake, screaming with joy. “I’m in a game!” She starts giggling.

To read the rest of the story, download it FREE on Amazon here:



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