Stripped: Chapter 3a

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As was standard protocol, we began the evening with introductions. The first few months of my employment I hated this part; I felt awkward on stage and never got the kind of applause the other girls basked in. I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t get fired. I was a pretty awful dancer at first; I suspect Mia had something to do with my continuous employment. By four months as a dancer, though, I had improved significantly. I was now one of the top three dancers and Randy knew it (I really enjoyed rubbing that in his face at every opportunity). So naturally, I loved introductions now.

“And now, let’s meet one of your top dolls, the sexy and ravishing Nevaeh!”

I know, I know, it doesn’t get any cheesier than “heaven” spelled backwards. But hey, it was original, and I’m quite certain it earned me an extra $200 a night.

I mean, what man doesn’t secretly hope there are strip teases in heaven??

I sauntered out on stage, starting at the pole with a Frodo, then sliding into an Extended Frodo. It was my signature move, typically worth a few whoops and screams; this night was no exception. I continued my short routine, finishing with an erotic waste bend, running my finger up my leg, and finishing with a dramatic flip my hair, crossing my hands across my chest and then into my hair as I swayed off to the side of the stage. Mia was always after me – she was by far the most popular. As she took her spot, every man in the room sitting forward in their seats, their eyes glued, I relaxed for a moment, leaning my hand against the wall. As much as I enjoyed the spotlight, the darker edges of the stage were a relief when a break was due.

But it appeared not every man in the room was watching Mia. There was one man, scrunched in the corner of a dark booth towards the back of the crowd, who appeared to be looking at … Me.

“Ellie, I think someone likes you.” One of the girls had joined my side, nodding toward the same man whose eyes were peaking out from below his baseball cap. I couldn’t see much other than those eyes – his face was cleverly shrouded by the hat and most of his body was shaded by the dark room. But I couldn’t stop staring back at him. There was something about those eyes. Was it the desire in them? Were they just incredibly gorgeous eyes? I wasn’t sure but they had an effect on my entire body sending chills from the very tips of the hairs on my head all the way down to my toes.

His hand reached briefly into the light to grasp his beer.

Oh God, not the hands. Hands were like a mating call to me. Every man I ever slept with had amazing hands. And this mysterious stranger stroked his beer gently with long and confident fingers, tendons and veins asserting themselves as evidence of his muscular form.

Well, that’s how I imagined it anyways.

I shuddered unexpectedly – oops, better be careful, I was still on stage. I looked around to verify that there really was no one else watching me. Nope. With Mia in the spotlight, I was on my own. My eyes wandered back to his where I could swear there was evidence of a smile.

Was he teasing me?

“Ellie, snap out of it!” It was Mia. Time to get back on stage for the group number.

Oh, I was ready.

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Ellie’s trying to convince you to love her! But she won’t give up yet – here’s Chapter 3b.


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